56th Annual Meeting
Tentative Program Schedule
Please note that this schedule is subject to change. The Program Book distributed at the Annual Meeting will have final information on dates, times, and speakers for each presentation.

Media Theatre 3 (open)
Stick It: Psychiatric Challenges in Competitive Gymnastics

Of the two million girls participating in youth gymnastics, only 7 or 8 will go to the Olympics from the U.S. every 4 years. Yet often this is the quest of young girls and their families. This entertaining film presents several important themes common in highly competitive youth sports that are of interest to the child and adolescent psychiatrist. The effect on the developing adolescent girl as she tries to seek perfection in the sport while struggling with themes of adolescent individuation and autonomy can lead to eating disorders, depression, family alienation, and anxiety disorders that can have lifelong implications. Discussion covers the social and developmental stresses that high level competitive gymnastics present to young female athletes, their families, and coaches and teaches about the psychiatric complications and interventions available to the sport psychiatrist.
Thursday, October 30, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:00 AM
Level 2
Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers
David O. Conant-Norville, M.D.
Ian R. Tofler, MBBS and Richard Dopp, M.D.
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