56th Annual Meeting
Tentative Program Schedule
Please note that this schedule is subject to change. The Program Book distributed at the Annual Meeting will have final information on dates, times, and speakers for each presentation.

Symposium 8 (open)
Girls in the Juvenile Justice System: Health Disparities in Substance Abuse and HIV/Sexually Transmitted Infection Risk

Wednesday, October 29, 2008: 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
Chicago IX
Level 4
Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers
Samia D. Noursi, Ph.D.
Thomas M. Brady, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Mina K. Dulcan, M.D.
Substance Use Disorders, Comorbid Mental Disorders, and HIV/AIDS Risk Behaviors: A Longitudinal Study of Delinquent Females
Linda A. Teplin, Ph.D. Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
Katherine Elkington, Ph.D.
Erin G. Romero, B.S.
Karen M. Abram, Ph.D.
Jason J. Washburn, Ph.D.
Comorbidity of Drug Use, Sexual Risk, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Arrested Adolescent Females: Prevalence and Issues for Prevention
Steven Belenko, Ph.D. Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Richard Dembo, Ph.D.
Amy A. Mericle, Ph.D.
Relationship of Marijuana Use to Risky Sexual Behavior among Juveniles on Probation: The Role of Gender
Angela Bryan, Ph.D. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Sarah J. Schmiege, Ph.D.
Michelle R. Broaddus, M.A.
Healthy Teen Girls Project: An HIV Risk Reduction Intervention for Incarcerated Female Adolescents
Angela A. Robertson, Ph.D. Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS
Family Versus Group-Based Treatment for Girls with Chronic Delinquency: Characteristics, Processes, and Outcomes
Patricia W. Chamberlain, Ph.D. Oregon Social Learning Center, Eugene, OR
Leslie Leve, Ph.D. Oregon Social Learning Center, Eugene, OR
Lisa Saldana, Ph.D. Center for Research to Practice, Eugene, OR
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