Media Theatre 13 (open)
Boyhood: A Coming of Age Story

Boyhood: A Coming of Age Story chronicles the journey of a Mason Jr., and the actor-interpreter Ellar Coltrane who portrays him, from the age of 6-to-18 years. Twelve years in the making, Boyhood blurs the boundaries between documentary, experimental, and fictional filmmaking. The spectator reflects not only upon Masonís unfolding story but also on the passage of time from boyhood to adolescence. Everyone around him is aging as well. Discussion centers on the emotional aspects of development from childhood to adolescence; the process of growth and development from childhood to adolescence; and the impact parents and their lives have on the development of children.
Friday, October 30, 2015: 6:30 PM-10:30 PM

Sponsored by the AACAP Training and Education Committee and the AACAP Transitional Age Youth and College Student Mental Health Committee and the AACAP Adolescent Psychiatry Committee

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