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Session Length: 2 hours
Number of Presenters: 4-6 (including Chair & Discussant)


A Clinical Perspectives program presents a particular topic or theme related to treatment, research method, service delivery, or clinical care, which includes evidence-based materials as well as the "art" and clinical wisdom of the practice of child and adolescent psychiatry. They provide an opportunity for discussion by experts who approach an issue from slightly different, but complementary perspectives, or discussion of a controversial topic by experts with differing views.


A Clinical Perspectives should follow these guidelines in order to be considered by the Program Committee for the 2024 Annual Meeting program:

  • Can only be 2 hours in duration.
  • Should consist of 3-4 individual presentations (15-20 minutes MAXIMUM).
  • Approximately half of the time should be dedicated to discussant’s comments, general discussion, and a question & answer period with the audience with a minimum of 40 minutes dedicated to open discussion and audience interaction with presenters.
  • Clinical Perspectives should be no more than 6 presenters, including chair(s) and discussant(s).
  • An overall Proceedings Abstract and individual presentation Proceedings Abstracts are required for this type of submission.

NOTE: Clinical Perspectives do not require a Review Abstract.


A Clinical Perspectives will be in a room with theatre style seating. A podium and head table will be provided for presenters. If accepted, AACAP will provide a screen and a projector for this session type. Microphones are provided based on room size. Additional AV requests will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.


Each submission for a Clinical Perspectives program should include the following items:

  • Overall Submission Title
  • Chair(s) affiliation and email address(es)
  • At least two (2) educational learning objectives
  • Keywords for the overall submission
  • Overall Proceedings Abstract
  • Bibliography listing at least one (1) but no more than five (5) references for your overall submission
  • Individual Proceedings Abstract and keywords for each presentation
  • Names, organizations, contact information, email addresses, and disclosures for all co-presenters
  • Recording release for all chair(s) and co-presenter(s) listed


AACAP has a strong commitment to promoting mental health equity and combating health disparities. We support cultural competency efforts that enable practitioners to care effectively for patients from diverse cultures, groups, and communities. Each presentation MUST include relevant information on differences in prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment pertaining to diverse racial and ethnic populations and/or consider other ways of infusing diversity, equity and inclusion principles into the proposal in other ways. This may include selecting diverse presenters, including participants with lived experience, using the backdrop of Seattle to the benefit of the program, or many other ways that reflect AACAP’s values. If information is not available or if the presenters’ research does not include this information, speakers should address limitations of current research data in addressing needs of minoritized groups.


Clinical Perspectives are similar to Symposia. However, while symposia emphasize the presentation of original research reports, Clinical Perspectives can include historical information, case presentations, systematic observations, methodology, descriptions of systems of care, etc. It is the recommendation of the Program Committee that presenters come from different institutions. However, if all speakers are from the same site, then a discussant from another site should be included.

Although not required, the Program Committee looks favorably on inclusion of an independent discussant able to integrate and critique individual presentations and summarize their clinical implications, particularly if information presented is new or controversial.

If the submission is selected to be a part of the scientific program at the Annual Meeting, the session chair is responsible for ensuring that the amount of individual presentation content is appropriate for the available time frame and for keeping speakers on schedule during the live session. All accepted submissions must also display full disclosure slides to the audience during the live session.

Submissions about clinical techniques should include a brief description of or reference to the scientific evidence for and limitations of the treatment technique.


AACAP will accept approximately sixty (60) Clinical Perspectives this year. All Clinical Perspectives must submit a complete proposal each year to be considered for the scientific program at the Annual Meeting. To submit a Clinical Perspectives session for consideration, select “Begin a Submission” at the top or bottom right-hand side of this page.

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