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A Poster at the AACAP Annual Meeting presents data-rich research that are hypothesis driven, not just descriptive. The Poster submission must include complete data analysis at the time of submission. Posters that do not have complete data analysis (even if completion is expected to be done by the October Meeting), will not be accepted.


A Poster submission should follow these guidelines in order to be considered by the Program Committee for the 2024 Annual Meeting program:

  • Include the required Proceedings Abstract that incorporates appropriate descriptions of the study’s purpose and main hypotheses, research design and method of diagnostic ascertainment, study sample size, pertinent statistical tests with the value of test statistics, degrees of freedom, p values, effect sizes and/or confidence intervals on main findings, and a summary of the study’s clinical implications, limitations, and conclusions.
  • Can include up to two (2) presenting authors and up to ten (10) additional authors. Please see the submission roles and responsibilities to understand the difference.
  • Clinical case series (Minimal N=10) will be considered but must include detailed, rigorous quantitative measures that support interpretations and conclusions. Single case or N=1 presentations and small case series (N<10) will not be considered. If you wish to present this kind of research, please use the Clinical Case Conference format instead.


Each submission for a Poster should include the following items:

  • Submission Title
  • Primary Author’s affiliation, contact information and email address
    • Maximum of two (2)
  • At least two (2) educational learning objectives
  • Proceedings Abstract
  • Names, organizations, contact information, email addresses, and disclosures for all co-authors


Literature reviews may be submitted for consideration. We will prioritize reviews that use formal methods to synthesize data. Please consider the guidance for JAACAP Instructions for Authors. Please follow the PRISMA checklist for abstract submission. Though a poster is an excellent steppingstone to publication, please also consider the increasing importance of registering your review.

AACAP encourages presenters to consider unique, less traditional formats for poster presentations. For example, consider formatting a poster highlighting take-home points (conclusions) of the study while providing methodology and data presentation in a less central manner. This format is likely to enhance the experience for those attending poster sessions. For an example of a novel approach to developing posters, please view this video.

If accepted, the Poster’s primary author(s) will present the data in a graphic form on an 8 ft. long by 4 ft. high poster board or smaller. Up to ten (10) co-authors may be added to the Poster submission, but there can only be two (2) presenting authors that present. These two (2) presenting authors are the only two that qualify for the speaker registration rate.

In addition to a traditional poster, you will have the opportunity to be considered for one of two specific Poster programs at the Annual Meeting: the Data Blitz or Commercial and Industry Pipeline program. Please see below for specifics about each of those programs. If you wish your poster to be considered for one of these programs, please indicate which one when you submit your poster.

NOTE: Submissions not selected for the Data Blitz or Commercial and Industry Pipeline will still receive full consideration for acceptance as Posters.


The Data Blitz is a 1.5 hours-long session during the Annual Meeting that allows early career investigators with compelling pilot data the opportunity to present their work within a structured symposium format, including engagement with senior researcher discussants. Investigators interested in consideration for this option, in lieu of a traditional poster presentation, should check the appropriate box in the submission form (Step 1).

The Commercial and Industry Pipeline is a 2 hours-long session during the Annual Meeting that provides an opportunity to present the findings from recently completed industry or other commercially sponsored trials within a structured oral presentation format. Topics may include, but are not limited to: new pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic, and biotechnology data. Submissions accepted for the Commercial and Industry Pipeline will be presented within a structured symposium format that includes the opportunity for formal questions, answers, and commentary from senior discussants. Investigators interested in consideration for this option, in lieu of a traditional poster presentation, should check the appropriate box in the submission form (Step 1).


Thursday, February 15, 2024

Deadline for Poster submissions for early acceptance, review, and consideration for the Data Blitz and Commercial and Industry Pipeline programs.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Deadline for Poster submissions with research and data analysis completed after the February deadline. Submissions received by this deadline can still be considered for the Data Blitz and Commercial and Industry Pipeline programs.


CME credit is NOT provided for attendance at a Poster session or the Commercial and Industry Pipeline session. However, any source of funding for studies presented must be disclosed with presenters’ conflicts of interest in the submission and included on the final poster. Data Blitz presentations are eligible for CME credit.


AACAP highly encourages and supports program submissions from presenters with bachelor's-level degrees, students, and current trainees (residents, fellows, and post-docs). The Program Committee requires that all Student/Trainee submissions be reviewed and approved by a senior co-author/mentor prior to final submission.


AACAP will accept up to approximately 400 Posters this year. All Posters must have submitted a proposal by one of the two deadlines above to be considered for the scientific program at the Annual Meeting. To submit a Poster for consideration, select “Begin a Submission” at the top or bottom right-hand side of this page.

Questions regarding Posters can be directed to the Program Committee’s New Research Poster Subcommittee Chair, Joel Stoddard, MD, at

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